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Located in Stratton Colorado

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Established in 2011, we are a new, up and coming training facility, but the keys to our success are still based on traditional hard work and a willingness to learn. The horse world has come a long way by evolving in new training methods with natural horsemanship, and learning to understand how a horse thinks and reacts. We are located in Stratton Colorado a small farming community on  I-70. Currently, we are building an indoor facility so that wind, rain, and our cold winters will not slow down the training process.

Setting Sun Ranch is built on hard work and a strong foundation. We believe that the first thirty days of a horses training is the determining factor whether it will be a trustworthy partner or a problem horse. Our research and training methods are based off of the instruction of Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox. Both of these programs instill the importance of natural horsemanship, where foundation is the key to building a willing partner. We are excited to work with you and your equine friend. You are more that welcome to call or email us anytime with questions regarding our program. 

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