Meradas Golden Rey

Setting Sun Ranch LLC

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Meradas Golden Rey  is known around the barn as "Sir". LTE $15,000  Sir honest as the day is long in the show pen.  He is a great minded horse with an  easy going disposition, always ready to go to work and loves to please. His two year olds are showing daddies work ethic. For more on his breeding go to 

Show Record

  • 2016 NRCHA Regenal Champion LMT Open Bridle      
  • 2015 NRCHA National Champion LTD Open Bridle
  • 2015 NRCHA LTD Open Bridle Top five
  • 2015 CRCA LTD Open Bridle Champion
  • 2015 CRCA Open Bridle Reserve Champion
  • 2014 NRCHA World Show top 10 Qualifier  LTD Open Bridle
  • 2014 NRCHA World Show top 5 Qualifier Open Two Rein
  • 2014 NRCHA Hackamore Classic LTD Open Bridle top five
  • 2013 CRCA Reserve Champion LTD Open Hackamore
  • 2013 CRCA Reserve Champion LTD Derby
  • 2013 Colorado State Fair Derby LTD Open 2nd place
  • 2013 NRCHA Hackamore Classic LTD Open Hackamore Top 5
  • 2013 NRCHA World Show top 10 Finalist
  • 2013 NRCHA World Show Standings Top 5 Finalist